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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Amazing National Geographic PhotographsClick any picture and be immersed in a full-screen gallery.

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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Call Phone Numbers for Nearly Any CompanySkip the Wait with Direct Call Phone Numbers
We hate companies that make it hard for you to reach them. Teleprompters are the enemy. I personally start yelling “Customer Service” into my phone whenever I am asked to press 1 if I speak English. Now, with GetHuman, we have a comprehensive database of direct call phone numbers to reach customer service centers for virtually any company at our fingertips.
With direct call phone numbers, there is no need to wait 30 minutes to speak to a customer service representative. You can call representatives directly. They feature secret phone numbers for companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Their database of numbers includes over 8000 major corporations.
Screenshot of GetHuman Home Page

Alternate Ways to Get Hold of Customer Service
The numbers are not always direct call phone numbers though. Corporations realized people can readily access their direct call phone numbers that they intended to reserve for elite clientele. Many companies have disabled their direct call phone numbers. However, GetHuman addresses this by detailing the fastest way to get hold of a customer representative.
For example, for the Sprint number you are given their normal customer service phone number and directions to reach a representative in the fastest way possible. They tell you exactly which numbers to push at each of the prompts along with the average wait time that other users have reported.
Screenshot of the Sprint’s Direct Call Phone Number Page

E-Mail the VP, Have Them Call You, or Even Call Online Without a Phone
They do a great job at keeping their records up to date. On top of wait times and fastest call directions, they feature alternate connection methods. With Sprint, you can connect with the VP of Customer Service via e-mail; this method is rated as the best method for communicating with Sprint by GetHuman members. Their large user base corrects outdated information.
Screenshot of the Sprint “Alternate Contact Methods” Page

GetHuman Integrates Tightly with Other Useful Services
Recently, GetHuman also integrated LucyPhone which is a service that has companies call you. When we tested the feature, Sprint called us back almost immediately.
This is the Voicemail Sprint Left Us 13 Minutes After Using LucyPhone

On top that, they integrate with Zingaya which allows you to make customer service calls over the internet. Albeit, with Zingaya, you will have to go through the same prompts you would if you called with your phone (so just use the prompt directions supplied at GetHuman).
That’s not it either! GetHuman integrates with Facebook and TalkTo too. With the Facebook integration, you can save the pages that are most useful to you for future reference. On top of that, if you login with Facebook and share the service with your friends you can disable the advertisements on the website.
And with the TalkTo feature you can actually text a company over the internet directly from GetHuman and have the response texted to you or e-mailed to you. When we tried this with AT&T, we got a reply in 5 minutes. However, bear in mind that some of these integrations are not available for all of the direct call phone numbers that GetHuman has in their database.
LucyPhone Integration Popup Screenshot

Zingaya Integration Popup Screenshot

TalkTo Integration Screenshot

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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Collection of the Most Famous Pablo Picasso PaintingsPablo Picasso’s Short Biography
Pablo Picasso is well-praised as one of the greatest artists of all time. Born on October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain, Pablo Picasso began his childhood immersed in art learning from his father. After a successful career, his well-known name now rings bells in households all across the world. His artworks are some of the greatest of the 20th century. Perhaps one of his greater accomplishments is creating Cubism along with Georges Braque. Although he is a Spanish native, he kept painting until he died. Finally, after spending 80 of his 91 years painting, he died April 8th, 1973 in Mougins, France after an epic career that left us all wanting more.Bio
Most Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings
Click any of the thumbnails to be immersed in a full screen gallery of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings.
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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON to the World’s Best How to Guides OnlineLearn “How to Make a Book Float” on!
We are lucky to live in an age where the Internet is so readily accessible. Anything you want to learn can be found online, but how do you know for sure if the article that you have located is written by a qualified professional? If you are looking for one of the best how to guides online, try wikiHow, the site that is “owned by everyone”.
Screenshot of wikiHow’s Home Page

This site is great for its wide variety of information, advice, reviews and tips. It is a wiki-based online collaborative community. Users can log on and create one of the best how to guides on any topic imaginable, in a fashion similar to Wikipedia. Readers can then choose to utilize this information or to offer edits and additions based on their own level of expertise in that perspective field.
Ask Follow-up Questions on
The topics range from the silly, like How to Make a Book Float, to the more technical variety, such as How to Overlay Sectional Aeronautical Charts in Google Earth. You can search by categories or by simply typing in a few words in the search window. It’s incredibly easy to use, and with a few clicks of the mouse, you too can begin to educate the world on how to “let the cat out of the bag” by joining one of the best how to guides online!
WikiHow is growing in leaps and bounds as people from all over the Internet want to have more confidence in the information that they are finding online. Because this instructive website allows for anyone in the Wikihow community to edit or add information to any of its postings, an added sense of trust is automatically built-in to the content found on Wikihow. Readers of the how to guides can ask follow-up questions directly to the writer for more in-depth knowledge.
Nominate Poor Content for Deletion on
The site also monitors all postings, edits, and additions through a staff of volunteers. You can opt to follow your own article submissions by watching, reviewing and re-editing the edits that others provide to your posting. Another reason that Wikihow is one of the best how to guides on the Internet today is due to is “Nominations for Deletion” category. This works as a sort of “community action” self monitoring method to alert the administration of questionable content. Perhaps the article is mean spirited, sexually charged, inaccurate, or just plain wrong! This helps keep the “junk” off of this best how to guides.
Wikihow makes the whole process of editing extremely easy. After logging in, you are brought to a simple screen that allows you to start actively contributing as an editor. In this way, Wikihow funnels viewers into a pool of potential editors.
Screenshot of Welcome Screen After Signing Up

A Brief Review of the History of
WikiHow is free to use, but the administrators make it very clear that Wikihow is a hybrid organization. It is a cross between a “non-profit” and a “business”. The non-profit characteristics are that its ultimate goal is simply to provide the world with useful and valuable information to enhance the public good and to benefit the life of the individual. But like a business, it has to make money in order to stay alive. Therefore, they allow for advertising, but also allow the readers to “hide ads” with the push of a button. If only more websites would follow this trend.
This best how to guides website likes to say that it is “owed by everyone “, but wikiHow actually began as back in 1990. EHow eventually declared bankruptcy and was later bought by Jack Herrick and Josh Hannah. By late 2009, the site was boasting 20 million monthly visitors and now has a global Alexa traffic ranking in the top 500 and is a Top 300 of the US Ranks consistently. With articles that are fast approaching 150 million by number of posts, wikiHow has become one of the best how to guides online today. They have been reviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and everywhere in between. It looks like wikiHow is here to stay!
Some of the Best How to Guides on
Check out these fun…and funny postings:How to Be Successful in Dating a Millionaire
How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back
How to Measure Your Bra Size
How to Do a Tech Deck Trick the Double and Back
How to Invest in Bonds
How to Apply For a Marriage License in Alaska
How to Increase Website Traffic

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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Anonymously with the Best Free Proxy ServiceHide Your IP Address with Hide My Ass!
Hide My Ass! is arguably the best free proxy service. It allows you to surf online “anonymously”, “hide” your IP address, and protect your “privacy”. Essentially, Hide My Ass! serves as a middle man between your computer and the internet. It is an open proxy service which means it is available to any internet user. When you are using a proxy service your internet connection will become slower. Proxies are generally thought to be used to break into other computer systems, for viewing child pornography, and for spreading illegal content (like spam). For this reason, you probably should not publicly announce that you are using a proxy service.
While proxies do add a layer of protection and privacy to whatever you are doing online, it is entirely possible that you will get caught anyway. There is a case where a certain high profile hacker had his IP address released by Hide My Ass!. From this we see that Hide My Ass! does keep logs of your activity and that Hide My Ass! will not protect your ass when lawyers come knocking at their door.
Using Hide My Ass! is straight forward. You can connect to any website through their proxy by going to their home page and entering the URL. Alternatively, if you have Chrome or Firefox, you can install their addons (links to these extensions are available in our sidebar).
Best Free Proxy Service Decreases Speed by 54%
Comparing the page load times of our homepage by connecting to it directly and with Hide My Ass!, we see that using a proxy service significantly decreases speed. In this single test, our homepage loaded in 842ms by directly connecting to it. On the other hand, when using Hide My Ass! the page load time jumped up to 1.81s. In this case, the best free proxy service ended up slowing down the page load speed by 54%.

Load Time Without Hide My Ass!

Load Time With Hide My Ass!

If you are using Hide My Ass! to unblock restricted content then that is great. However, since Hide My Ass! logs activity, you should use another proxy service if you are doing anything else. But before you go searching for a proxy service you should fully educate yourself on internet anonymity and all the reasons it does not exist. It is entirely possible that one day all the logs of these proxy servers will be publicly available – you have been forewarned.
Hide My Ass! offers the best free proxy service as a way of funneling customers into their premium VPN plan. With a VPN, your connection will be faster and more secure. However, there are other alternatives that may be worth investigating. This article only covers Hide My Ass! as the best free proxy service. Using their VPN will afford you protection on your mobile devices. Android users can follow this guide to set up Hide My Ass! VPN functionality and iPhone users can use this guide.
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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON your Glory Years with Old High School Yearbook ArchivesStroll Down Memory Lane with is a social media website that allows the user to find and contact all of those people whose names and faces we may not remember from old high school yearbook archives. It is a great site to reconnect with old friends and school chums from kindergarten to grammar school all the way through to High School and College. More importantly, with the ability to share current as well as past photos, we can check out who has receding hair lines or expanded midsections.
It even provides access to old military buddies and comrades in arms. Since most of the younger generation have grown up with the Internet, email, Facebook and other social media tools used to keep in touch, this site is perfect for the older generation who were not given this luxury back in the “good ole’ days”. has recently changed its name to “Memory Lane”, although you can still access it by its old URL address. The new site is a hybrid that combines the Memory Lane website with the Classmates website.
Screenshot of Memory Lane Home Page

New Name, New Advancements, Same Old High School Yearbook Archives
With the transition to the new Memory Lane platform, a slight transition in concept enhancements also occurs.  Now that the social media site is more nostalgic in its content, has added a few things.  The site not only specializes in old high school yearbook archives but has now included multiple hot button pull down menus that focus on specific areas of reminiscence. Hit the Music Button and remember the hits from decades past. Want to revisit “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”?  Hit the “TV & Radio” Tab!  How about what sports stars who were so popular “back in the day”? has a link for that too.  Each pull down provides web pages chock full of black and white video footage, clips from movies, early “music videos” (pre-MTV, of course) and other fun fair.
Ever wonder what happened to the Head Cheerleader in High School that you had a thing for?
In 2003, CBS News did a cover story of two high school sweethearts reconnecting through the site’s old high school yearbook archives to reignite their love affair. Ever wonder what happened to the Head Cheerleader in High School that you had a thing for? Log on to and see what she’s up to. How about the Senior High School Football Captain that made your life as a Freshman a living Hell? He’s there too! You might have to compare his current picture to the picture in his old high school yearbook archives to recognize him though.
A Look into Membership is simply a fun way to go back in time without having to wait for a class reunion. The basic membership allows access to old high school yearbook archives, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of interacting with your old friends.  You can search and create profiles, but you can’t send emails back and forth until you join as a full member. Memberships are available in 3 month, 1 year and 2 year increments, ranging from $15 to $59 respectively.
Browse Through Yearbooks with’s Slick Yearbook Browser
Created by Randy Conrads in 1995, United Online is now its current owner since 2004.  It boasts an Alexa Ranking near the Top 300 in the United States and has upwards of 40 Million Users. In June of 2012,  its parent company purchased the somewhat controversial Facebook App “Schoolfeed” hoping to absorb the Apps 19 Million more followers into its burgeoning membership.
Legal Issues with Hosting Old High School Yearbook Archives
Some people are not so fond of the service though. In 2008, a PC World journalist published an article titled, 5 Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion. To no surprise, in 2012 did actually get sued but the case only equated into paltry $3.93 payouts that totaled to $800,000. With an active membership of 40 million users, $800,000 is chump change. Regardless, now is the time to take advantage of the services available from; it might not be available forever. for Other Countries serves up old high school yearbook archives for American and Canadian schools. The umbrella company also hosts websites geared towards other countries under their Stayfriends brand. (Germany) (Sweden) (Austria) (France)
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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Jardin, Edgewater: Worst Restaurant in New JerseyWhat are people thinking? We live in the Information Age. A day where the little guy has a voice and the big guy needs to be mindful of that. In this case, the big guy is Le Jardin in Edgewater. Googling for “Le Jardin, Edgewater” you will see a landslide of terrible reviews from Yelp. However, the reviews from OpenTable and TripAdvisor show a different story, giving the restaurant 3-4 stars each. This rating of 3-4 stars is an excellent rating considering the fact that Le Jardin is quite possibly one of the worst restaurants in New Jersey.
An Insider Review of Le Jardin, Edgewater
Before I use this post to vent my well-justified frustrations with Le Jardin in Edgewater, let me begin by telling you what the restaurant is all about. It is a fancy restaurant across the water from New York City but do not let their website fool you. Ignoring the rotting dock right outside the restaurant, Le Jardin has a fantastic view of the New York skyline and the George Washington bridge.
The food is incredibly over-priced but still good. Their wine list is also over-priced – you can expect to pay $12 for a glass of house wine that costs $8 a bottle at the local wine store. Their service is also good but incredibly foreign – you can expect a waiter with a heavy accent. Le Jardin in Edgewater is French-mediteranean but the entire chef staff is pre-dominantly Mexican.
To add to it, vegetarians might want to stay away from this place. When I was working there people were constantly complaining about their steak tasting like fish or their fish tasting like steak. This is because Le Jardin in Edgewater cooks fish and steak on the same grill. This is the same grill that is also used for all their grilled vegetables too – so be prepared to have your grilled vegetables soaked in Filet Mignon blood and Tilapia slime.
On a final note, one time someone dropped a piece of meat on the ground in the kitchen. Needless to say, that meat was served. This should be expected from budget restaurants but in a place where it is easy to spend over $100 per person, dirty meat should not be served.
How Le Jardin, Edgewater Bullies the Little Guy
It all started when I began working at Le Jardin in Edgewater. I was hired because the manager wanted to hire my girlfriend. She was hot. A solid 10 and “Iggy”, the manager at the time, really wanted to hire her. We went in together for a job interview and he agreed to give me the job, thinking that she would be joining the team too. But she didn’t, I was fired after a full-time week training there, never put on the payroll, and never paid too.
I have been frequently calling Le Jardin in Edgewater asking to get paid for about 2 years now. In the past, I received the stiff arm – with managers asking for my address so they could mail me a check that never was mailed. Finally, I managed to get in touch with the owner “Gus” after “Iggy” was fired and could no longer screen my calls.
“Gus” assured me that all of his workers are paid in full. He told me to come in that day for a full payment. So, I did. When I arrived he was not there so the manager connected me to him over the phone. He asked me, “Why did you come in today?” I replied, “You told me to.” He then said come in any weekday before 4 and so I did.
Today, I went in and was paid $100 for a 40 hour work week. They also refused to give me an invoice for the payment – it was just a $100 bill. I’m happy that they paid me but I’m disgusted with the way they treated me and their failure to obey minimum wage laws.
The owner claimed that the minimum wage for a server is $2.50 an hour. That is true if the server is serving but I was training at the time so I never did – “Iggy” kept any tips from tables I was training on. So I got loud and said
“I don’t like the way you run your business, sir.”
To which “Gus” replied,
So I left, enraged about how I had been treated. On the way home, I was thinking about what I should do. I thought about leaving bad reviews about the restaurant on Yelp, OpenTable, and other review sites but the restaurant already has terrible reviews. So I just wrote this post on Le Jardin, Edgewater. If you were considering dining at Le Jardin, I would strongly suggest you check out our article on the best website for restaurant deals and avoid the worst restaurant in New Jersey.
Our Review: 1 Star
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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON 2013Playstation is building hype for something. Their new teaser leaves you with a connection between Playstation and February 20th, 2013. Maybe the PS4 is here? Be the first to know. We will know February 20th, 2013 at exactly 6PM according to the e-mail newsletter Sony is pushing.

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BRAND SPANKING NEW ON Home of Internet Marketing, Best Blackhat ForumBest Blackhat Forum (by Far)
BlackHatWorld is the best blackhat forum. You can find information covering all aspects of internet marketing. BlackHatWorld provides everything from step-by-step guides on how to monetize a website to more advanced tutorials on back linking, search engine optimization, online security and much more. Although there are many other blackhat forums, BlackHatWorld outmatches them with an incredibly large user base and vast collection of information.
Screenshot of the BlackHatWorld Home Page

Everything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing
BlackHatWorld focuses on all aspects of building websites but focuses mostly on turning websites into a popular websites. Traffic building is explained completely in many various informative posts. Both white hat and black hat techniques are covered in detail. Posts range from detailed explanations of technology standards to implementation of tested techniques.
Affiliate Program Reviews
Choosing a reliable affiliate program to promote can often be a difficult task; fortunately BlackHatWorld’s active community has experiences and reviews posted on almost every affiliate imaginable, and the same can be said for all other related platforms including web hosting, domain hosting, VPS hosting and the like.
Largest User Base = Best Blackhat Forum
With an average of 7000 users logged in at any given time, BlackHatWorld hosts an active community which should prove its establishment as the best blackhat forum. New users are always encouraged and provided ample help with any problems they may have. Long term members constantly contribute new information to this forum.
Step-by-Step Tutorials, Even Idiots Can Make it Big on the Internet
For those that are new to internet marketing many step-by-step tutorials are available, with this information often referred to as being “spoon-fed” to less experienced members, and with good reason. These “spoon-fed” guides cover social networking, CPA, cloaking, drop-shipping and just about anything else you could think of, presented clearly and concisely with nothing missing! Members are constantly encouraged by others to think out of the box and examples of adapting given methods are listed numerous times.
More Than Just The Best Blackhat Forum
Internet marketing is not the only topic covered, many resources are provided for programmers, scripters and graphic designers, this is not even to mention the business and tax advice category of the forum! The wealth of information found here goes a long way towards the establishment of BlackHatWorld as the best blackhat forum around, as everything you could possibly relate to an online business is covered.
Make Money Online
Are you looking to begin earning money online but don’t know where to start? No problem! Browse to the money making section of BlackHatWorld and you will find a multitude of ideas, guides and suggestions. This forum subsection is dedicated to monetizing your site and should BlackHatWorld have been comprised of just this one section, it would still be classed as the best blackhat forum.
BlackHatWorld is the Best Blackhat Forum.
There is no other website or forum that has the sheer amount of valuable content that BlackHatWorld provides. Not only is there content, but users often give away products and services as a way of showing thanks to the community on the best blackhat forum. Whether you are an experienced professional or simply someone wishing to learn more of the intricacies of online business, BlackHatWorld is an invaluable community which you cannot afford to overlook.
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